Estradiol is responsible for female sexual characteristics, but is also important for the skin, the skeleton and the nervous system. Estradiol stimulates cell growth and water retention. Estradiol is also important for cognitive functions, for mood and energy level.

Estriol nourishes the mucous membranes throughout the body; in eyes, nose, mouth, intestine, bladder and vaginally. Estriol is important for cognitive functions.


Progesterone is our feel-good hormone, promotes sleep and mood. It is stress-reducing and an important antagonist to estradiol.

Testosterone is essential for strength, muscle mass, libido, fat metabolism and psyche. The collagen production of the skin as well as the muscles and bones is also dependent on testosterone.

DHEA is one of the two androgens with a weaker effect than testosterone. It is our rejuvenation hormone and important for the immune system and nervous system. DHEA in the right amounts reduces the risk of obesity and provides a healthier cardiovascular system.

Cortisol is produced in the adrenal cortex and has many functions. It is our long-term fight-flight-stress hormone, and is absolutely essential for us to survive and act out of dangerous situations. You often have cortisol in the right amounts, but lack hormones to balance stress.

Natural hormone therapy

Treatment of hormonal imbalance must be based on the body's current hormone level. It is made visible by means of a saliva test, which measures the level of six different hormones. In order to restore the hormonal balance, the Hormonklinikken starts with treatment with bioidentical hormones that are identical to the hormones that already exist naturally in the body. In this way, the body is supplied with what it lacks, can recognize the hormone and restore the body's hormonal balance itsel...