Our mission

We met in a shared mission to help as many women as possible to maintain the quality of life throughout their lives. We will do this by helping them get back into hormonal balance and thus provide them with increased energy, more energy, greater strength and joy.

In 2023, it is still difficult to get the right help in Denmark and Sweden when we are affected by symptoms as a result of hormonal imbalance before and during menopause. In Denmark alone, there are 400,000 women every year who suffer from some form of negative consequences of their hormonal imbalance. Many women are called in sick after being mistreated with, among other things, antidepressants without having their hormone balance checked.

We believe that it is time that we change the way we view menopause and hormonal imbalance in general. We should not just accept the challenges that come when we are actually able to solve them in a completely natural way. At Hormonklinikken, you can easily get help to do a hormone test and thus get a status on your hormonal balance.

Menopause should be a period of life where you can continue to enjoy life, even though the body is changing. Through tests, facts, information, nutritional supplements, community, knowledge, bioidentical hormones and courses, we hope that you, like us, will find the way to your transformation and regain strength and balance in your life.


Helle Læssøe , Hormonal nurse
Vanessa Leporati , CEO

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